These are some of the signatures I picked up!

(and yes I am using custom signatures of Nicky and Obsidion by doing some stuff, they get all the credit...)

Bold Name, Small talk

<br />[[User:Username|<span style="color:#800080; font-weight:bold; font-family:Romance Fatal Serif; font-size:130%">UserName</span>]][[User talk:UserName|<font color="20F587"><sup>Talk</sup></font>]]

Picture, Small Talk

<br />[[File:File Name.png|130px|link=w:c:Piratesonline:User:UserName]][[w:c:Piratesonline:User Talk:UserName|<font color="1a1a3d"><sup>Talk</sup></font>]]

Basic Code is:

[[User:UserName|UserName]] [[User Talk:UserName|(talk)]]

I think I got the code right...

Eric Redmonger SignatureTalk

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