To thine own self be true wall

Ok so I've made some pretty big lifestyle changes in the last couple months to help me be a healthier person. I'm seeing a new doctor who practices naturalpathic medicine. What that is, is all about fixing your bodies problems by using natural means. So instead of being on tons of medications now I get what I need from my food and from a few supplements (a.k.a vitamins). I've barely started but I already feel way better! 4.gif

It's not just physical things she works with it's mental stuff too. The medications I was on made me feel terrible and so I kinda lost "me". Well now I am trying to find "me" again in real life and I think I am the most "me" when I'm online here with you guys. I have some "homework" for my doctor that will help me find "me". So what I'm asking is if you could describe me in 1-2 words down in the comments - preferably nice things 10.gif.


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