Okay, the next whole page is a little bit roleplay, but I can use all the help I can get in the events of POTCO Today so....... PLEASE DONT FIGHT! :C:

Fantasy Realm is a guild created by Lord ( of the Elves ) Davy Hookwrecker


1.Do not fight

2. Always try to be happy and have fun

3. Invite friends!


5. Any fantasy things can enter EXCEPT TROLLS

6. Have fun!

7. Listen to da Lords

8. don't go around saying you'r better than another class of people in the guild, because the Elven Lord will banish you from anything ever.

A saying:

Do not be gloomy and sad all the time, for your attitude effects the others around you, effecting their view on the world, effecting your friendship. - Davy Hookwrecker


Will be added with more people

Ranks can be earned through trust and friendship

Invite Code: Use this to enter without having to find anyone. Push the hotkey for the Friends List (F), hit the tab on the bottom that says "Guild" ( make sure you are not in a guild ), then click the buttom that says " Redeem Invitation ". After the screen to redeem invitation pops up, enter this code:FLHL8974. Then your in!


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