Ok 2 things. 1. Im getting better with making some userboxes ( link at the end to see them ). 2. My POTCO acct was hacked. I logged on, after having to get my acct back from hacker, and was left with No weapons except a Silver Freeze! (Thats a lot of lost famed, another Silver Freeze, and 2 Lost Swords!!!!! :( ) Then I checked my clothes and found I had very few left, I still had my ships, my Player Friends list was drained, my regular friends list was too, as I was left with 30 normal friends and 0 player friends, so if you were a friend of mine and your off my list, Im sorry, it wasnt me.

All I got to say.....

P.S. Im gonna yell at Disney to help get my things back.

P.P.S. Someone will regret taking my Acct!!!

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