aka Sam Seawrecker

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is I like playing and looking up to fixing POTCO
  • I am MALE
  • Gab3cak3

    The Golden Maelstrom

    June 28, 2013 by Gab3cak3

    The Golden Maelstrom is a very powerful  Ship of the Line.Her sails are in a dark gold color and her hull is in a black skull and bones,it was a War Legend.It took domination in the wars between the Caribbean and the coves of Europe.

    The ship had 5 captains either because most of them got assassinated or marooned for bad leadership.2 got marooned,and 3 were assassinated by a mutineer.No one knew who that assassin was, but he didn't work for the EITC.

    A 6th captain came along, but he got suspicous because he heard of the assassinations.There are lots of rules set around the ship.Every night,when the crew get ready to sleep, there will be a guard at the captain's cabin to keep that assassin out.

    Each night, the captain calls out someone he trus…

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  • Gab3cak3

    Hello! I want great people to join my blog! I want to talk about the future of POTCO!

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  • Gab3cak3

    War Legend

    June 28, 2013 by Gab3cak3

    A War Legend is a mighty ship that survived many wars it fought.It can be a PvP.

    Note: War Legends can also be famous pirates.



    1: The Golden Maelstrom:a Ship of the Line that is only captained by a sailor with great skill and knowledge of the sea.

    2: The Ostrich:a frigate fast enough to match Speedy Lou, too fast for The Black Pearl!

    3: The Red Dragon's Revenge:a Ship of the Line that is captained by a Chinese pirate who takes revenge on other pirates for destroying the temples of the Red Dragon.

    '4: The Plague:a Navy Ship of the Line that has sails that are only brown',not red.

    5: The Scoundrel Hunter:another Navy Ship of the Line that…

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