The Golden Maelstrom

The Golden Maelstrom

The Golden Maelstrom is a very powerful  Ship of the Line.Her sails are in a dark gold color and her hull is in a black skull and bones,it was a War Legend.It took domination in the wars between the Caribbean and the coves of Europe.


The ship had 5 captains either because most of them got assassinated or marooned for bad leadership.2 got marooned,and 3 were assassinated by a mutineer.No one knew who that assassin was, but he didn't work for the EITC.

A 6th captain came along, but he got suspicous because he heard of the assassinations.There are lots of rules set around the ship.Every night,when the crew get ready to sleep, there will be a guard at the captain's cabin to keep that assassin out.

Each night, the captain calls out someone he trusts and let him guard the cabin.If there was anyone that would come towards the door,even the first mate,the guard wouldn't let him go through.There was great suspicion in the captain.

One fateful night, the Golden Maelstrom got herself in a deadly battle and barely survived it.Her hull was in critical damage.The crew worked really hard on the repairs after the battle,but sneaky,the first mate wasn't repairing when he was told to.

The captain was on deck at the wheel right next to the first mate and then.... he back-stabbed the captain.

A lethal battle broke.The first mate,or the assassin,had more mutineers to help.The captain was outnumbered and then... he jumped off the ship.

All the first mate did,was take the wheel and declared himself captain!And what happened to the old captain, was he gone broke and built a shack on Driftwood Island and his name now is Bronze John.His former name was John Seaeagle.A rich pirate but now he is broke,and the new captain of The Golden Maelstrom ended up getting less reputation on his dignity.


The hull was in skull and bones from Ship Customizing, except the broadside ammo is Explosive, the deck cannons fire Fury.Red fog follows the ship known as Doom Fog.The sails are in a dark gold color with no emblem.It can be level 81-85 since its a War Legend.

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