Make sure you keep your sword of triton because I'm pretty sure something big is happening with it. Check out this part of my live chat yesterday.

Gamer: So what's with the thing that looks like it was a cave on Raven's Cove? It has a big rock in front of it and a skeleton under the rock. Was it supposed to be a cave entrance? It even has the sand and torches that you can see sticking halfway out of the rock. I'm just wondering about that

Nelson: Ah.

Nelson: Well, there are always some strange things brewing in the Caribbean.

Nelson: We can only stay prepared for whatever may come.

Nelson: Just remember to keep any new swords you come across ready.

Gamer: ooh.

Nelson: Have you gotten Blackbeard's Sword yet?

Gamer: yes

Nelson: My instinct says to keep it close.

Gamer: is it going to get better? Like higher attack? more skills?

Nelson: I cannot say, mate. I don't know. Nelson: I can just say that I have a pretty good feelin' about said sword.

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