Potco Headstone Story Quest ( Cancelled )01:50

Potco Headstone Story Quest ( Cancelled )

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 Today i was still trying to resolve the padres mystery. I found out some shocking news! I was thinking of quests, when it hit me..... Headstone Quest canceled? Could they still be working on it and just finishing it? Are they planning on brining it back? Theres many reasons why i say this first of all, It's based on a headstone, which i have data of. Here is a few reasons i think it is the headstone quest. First off i'd like to say that it's based on being at Padres Del Fuego. Here is a few other articles i also found about it that may interest you of thinking this. I pulled this out of what would have happened if the headstone quest would have got done. Developer Diary 4 - Environments - "One of the bigger islands in the game is Padres Del Fuego which includes a vast network of volcanic caves complete with waterfalls and rivers overflowing with lava. In the fourth chapter of the game, players will be sent to Padres Del Fuego on a daring quest into the depths of the volcano itself!"Hmmm Sound similar to something that has recently happened?  But be warned, don’t let our enemies catch on.
As you'll discover, this new Legendary weapon
is unlike very few in its power, and this may not
be the end of the mysteries simmering beneath Padres del Fuego’s lava… That was also pulled out the (Heart of Padres Del Fuego ) Home page on pirates online. Can you solve this mystery? If you can please message me. I'll be on potco players wiki alot more so feel free to message me anytime :). This photo is a hint of what could be the update.

Watch the video link (won't let me embed it)... it's the interview with Kevin McNally and guess what scene he was recording was back then?

( All credit goes to Seagull, x jumper, and William shoresmythe.)

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