( Warning- If you don't like glitches, or don't use them, You don't have to read this ) I rarely myself use glitches, but this is for people who like to use them, ( This glitch is not harmful at all, and is very complicated to be done in Pvp. ) I call these glitches Mixers, and I came upon it myself, as many of you have. Do you remember the glitch where you could make a normal cutlass on fire, using the bloodfire skill, by doing a fast switch? This is very much like that, but there is much more too it. Basically, you do the same thing as that, ( I prefer using hop ), but you may use any Weapon that has bloodfire with it. I'll explain the basics to the glitch again, basically you get your sword on fire with any ( Bloodfire weapon ), then you switch fast too any Critical sword. I would suggest a 3 Critical Sword. Anyway, you must be asking how does this make you critical more, and how does this glitch work? I will tell you how the glitch works in the game system, basically the bloodfire is replacing the critical, but it's even more confusing then that. When you defeat enemies while using a critical sword on fire, it will then increase your chances of getting more critical. I have proved this myself many times, the more enemies you defeat, the more critical you will get, but I also have tested that it stops at a certain point as well, like bloodfire does. It can only go so far, if you're on full high, you'll critical 50% of the time most likely, I hope this glitch helped you, have fun with it mates! ( Also glitches are not like mods, there in the game system, so if you think of this article as bad, you're wrong.)

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