What is the Dark Place Mates? It's a fierce Guild in the Carribean, you don't wanna get in a fight with this guild. It's full of scurvy pirates, hungry for a fight. The Guild is approximately around 450 members, we are planning on maxing very soon. The Dark Place was created around a Year ago, it has been a notorious guild for the past year, and it's kinda known. The guild has had many ( Recent Changes ). Recently the guild was passed down to me, but due to my hours getting defaulted on the game, I didn't think I could take the responsibility of keeping the guild active all the time, therefore I gave it too Charles Warmonk, a very savvy pirate, he is known for being an officer in Dark Archive, Until he had quit it for ( Personal Reasons ). The guild is currently lead by Charles Warmonk, he has many loyal officers, for instant I'm a 1st class officer, as well X Jumper is ( atm has my name ). You can find the guild by being on any of the officers friends list, or Charles Warmonk's friends list. Or you can find them on Abassa Tortuga sometimes, or you can randomly find them looting, or doing something else, anyway, if you have any questions about joining the guild through the wiki, Me, X Jumper, Or Charles Warmonk, will private message you a guild code, or we will tell you where we are on the game, so we can invite you. Fair Winds Mates, We hope to see many of you in our guild very soon!

The Dark Place Officers - GM

GM- Charles Warmonk

Co. Gm - William Shoresmythe

Officer - X Jumper ( At the moment William Shoresmythe also )

Officer- Eric Machawk

Officer - Seagull

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