I had some ideas on a very good, and realistic update, that Disney could have easily done. Instead of doing a major island or anything, they could have added a cave, and i'm gonna explain this update to you... So, back in april or so, the Eitc were inspecting the Silver mines, which was located in Beckett's quarry. Well, I had a dream about an update, and something came into my mind. Theres the El Patron's Mine, why Not add another Mines? The new update would be ( The Silver Mines. ) Bascially, disney would relase it explaining how the beckett's quarry was connected to ravens cove.
Screenshot 2013-08-24 20-31-13
My Imagery of the Silver mines was much like this , A bridge leading into a dark cave, which would have Enemies of ghosts, and our first boss, that dropped legendary Cursed. Comment your ideas of what you think about this Update that could have been released.

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