I made this article to discuss the main topic, ' What is potco doing' ? I'm sick and tired of them sitting around and keeping us waiting for an update. Yes, there are few things that are keeping us to play potco. They've gaven us two new legends ' Padres Del Fuego ', and ' Norrington's spyglass ', But is that truly enough? People are starting to discuss that an update is coming? I don't see it happening sadly. There are many fun things to do on potco I agree. You can pvp, svs, loot, role play, and much more. I made a topic telling you guy's about the headstone quest returning? I highly doubt that will happen. That was just speulations of me thinking something similar of what might possibly happen. Many of my friends on potco are quitting, because of no updates. That's making me wanna quit. I recently said i was quitting. I actually in fact gave my act to someone to show i wasn't kidding. He didn't change the info, because i told him I might give potco another chance. It's quite sad right? We keep giving potco these chances, but they still have not done anything. Recently some of my friends have also gotten hacked, for example a few months back my best friend Eric Machawk got hacked. It was by Captain leon. That leads me back to discussing, why have they not came up with a firewall? At least blizzard net is smart, and locks your account when your location changes. Basic things like that can save potco. I mean seriously, catch up with technology Potco lol. Anyway, Before they release an update, get a firewall. My other thoughts would be that potco is hanging on the thread, because there waiting for the new movie to come out. That's when new players will come, and they may get there budget back. Potco doesn't need a huge update. All we want is a story quest, or an island at least lol. If they can do that they'll get many players back. Also, I don't agree how potco is making us think something is coming. When the padres del fuego came out they said, ' But be aware this may not be the end of volcano, or whatever lol '. I just wanted to pass this on to potco, so they know what is happening to there game, and I also wanted to let people know that potco needs to do something about this. If you would like to comment on anything about what you think potco should do please just say it. It may not happen, but we can at least give it a try.

Sincerely, Your true, and only, William Shoresmythe.

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