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  • I live in Somewhere, depends if you're talking about a game of real life.
  • I was born on October 25
  • My occupation is Graphic Designer, 3D Modeler, Animator
  • I am Male
  • GenLawrence

    Not sure if there's a blog on this already, but here:

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  • GenLawrence

    Piratey Songs?

    September 24, 2011 by GenLawrence

    Ahoy Pirates Wiki! I think that the two pieces that are most like the PotC Soundtracks are Will and Elizabeth, which is the launching dock music, and He's A Pirates, which is the music playing when you're killing the jumbees on the Queen Anne's Revenge. Now what do YOU think? Answer in the comments.

    NOTE: These are INGAME music, not from the movies.

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  • GenLawrence

    Many months ago, me and poeple from the Pirates Online community, mainly being from the Players Wiki, made a Potco On Stranger Tides. It's nearly the whole movie, being 1:53:31 long. I wish for the people of this wiki to enjoy it as well.

    Daggerpaine Industries Presents:

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