• Gerard Shorehound

    This wiki doesnt need to ever close, It is bad enough that POTCO closed. I mean this is the only source of POTCO I ( along with many other POTCO players) still have. I mean it could be worse than this. We could have had no contact with our POTCO friends ever again! But we have this website. This website has given us a chance to contact friends and still enjoy talking to eachother even after the unfortunate closing. Just stating my opinion. 

             -Gerard Shorehound

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  • Gerard Shorehound

    Gerard Shorehound

    October 25, 2013 by Gerard Shorehound

    It all started one morning in 2007. I was sitting in my living room watching TV when an advertisement got my attention. It was announcing a new online game: Disneys Pirates of the Carribean Online. I quickly rushed to my computer and made my account as Gerard Shorehound. Little did I know that I had just started a journey on more than a game. It was a legacy that I will never forget...

    I was still pretty young when I played and didn't know much about the gameplay or anything. I was still having a ton of fun not knowing how to play (that goes to show how much fun the game is). On my first year I probably only got to level 10. I didn't really understand what Unlimited Access was so I didn't know how much more fun the game could get.

    About a ye…

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