I have been tossing this around for a while now. Potco should add to Guilds.

Here are some things that I think they should do:

-Create a Guild Treasury, where pirates in the guild can contribute gold, ship materials, and ammo, and other pirates can take it out of the treasury and use it

-Create Guild activites like Guild Raids, Guild wars (with other guilds), Guild Parties (Guildmaster or officer could send out invites that would say the date, time, and location..the invitation could give notifications and also help the pirate remember when the party was) and other activities, all which can be controlled and organized by only the Guildmaster or the Officers..only the Guildmaster could "declare war" on another guild (the idea of a Guild Raid would be where the GM or Officer would go to the Guild tab and go to a section that said Create Raid..they then could invite other guild members into it, once they decided to start the raid, those pirates would be teleported to special raid area, where they had to complete a mission like collecting something or killing a certain number of enemies before time ran out. If they completed it on time, they would get special rewards like gold or loot)

-Allow Guildmasters to make their own ranking system; this would include making rank names, possibly making tests in order for Guild members to rank up, and maybe even making co-leaders

-Guildmaster could put a lvl requirement on the guild so pirates lower than the required level could not join the guild..they could also put restrictions on unlimited access or basic access if they wanted it to be an unlimited only or a basic only guild

Thats pretty much it.

Thanks for reading! Plz comment!

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