Hi everyone,

I was just thinking about the recent "help a new pirate week" that POTCO has announced.  Yes, it is good to help newbies, but why should we do it for just a week?  Ever since I started playing the game, I have seen many cases of resentment towards new pirates that land on the shores of Port Royal, especially in invasions.  Now, I'm not necesarily talking about resentment as in openly making fun of them or just being plain mean, I'm talking about a more subtle type of resentment.  Many new basic access members aren't included in activities that other pirates do, and when they are, people rarely talk to them.  They are not bullied, but at the same time they are not really included.  This should not be.  I believe we should always be looking for opportunities to help lower levels. New pirates are the lifeblood of the game, and without new pirates coming into the game, Disney cannot support the cost of POTCO.  Let me ask you this, if you were just starting POTCO as a lvl 1, would you want to keep playing the game if no one ever wanted to talk to you or include you in things?  I think your answer is no.  My point to all this is that including new pirates makes them want to keep playing the game, which eventually can lead to them buying unlimited access, which gives more money to DIMG to fix and add new things to our game.  Maybe you have signed the petition for a better POTCO, but after you've signed your name onto it, don't just sit there, go online (well, you will probably will still be sitting, but you know what I mean) and try to help change the game.  I think that encouraging and helping lower levels could play a huge part in reviving POTCO, as it will bring in more paying customers.

Griffin Crimsonblade

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