Hi everyone,

Ever since I started playing POTCO again a couple months ago, i have been searching for a good guild to join.  The one that I was in before I quit the game had died out, so I have been surfing around other guilds such as Criminally Insane, Skills Required, and a couple other smaller guilds.  However, in all the guilds I have been in, I have found one thing that they all lack, sociability, and even friendliness sometimes.  I am currently in the guild I N F E R N O, but they almost never talk to each other in the chat box, as far as I can see.  They do things together, but when those things are being done, there is not communication, just fighting and plundering.  And when I say hi, or when anyone says hi when they get online, it's rare to get a response.  Social and friendly people are one of the most, if not the most important quality that I look for in a guild, and I have not found enough of that in any of the guilds I have been in.  Does anyone here own or know of a guild that has these qualities? It doesn't have to be big, maybe just 100-200 people, but I want a sense of family to be in it somewhere.


Griffin Crimsonblade

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