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Ghost Tours is a specially run program created by Jack Ropecutter. Ghost Tours is a buisness where Jack asks people if they would like a tour. If they say yes then Jack will tell his guild (Ghost Tours) to prepare the ship. The pirate or pirates he invited will board the ship and the adventure starts. Their first stop is a skeleton flagship, where they board and defeat all the enemies and say they boarded a "Ghost Ship." Then the lookout says the next stop, Jack asks the pirate to repair the minor damge as a small payment. When they reach the next stop, Raven's Cove, they walk into town and see a couple friendly ghosts. If it is night they attack a Rage Ghost, for a joke they tell the pirate to throw daggers and grenades at Crazy Ned. They walk down the path to El Patrons mine and make a couple jokes like "My ship" and "Rough town, aye?" Later they board their ship and sail for Port Royal. They walk to the second beach (The one with crabs) and enter the cave. The go down a certain tunnel that leads them to Jolly Roger, where they act like he is making them sekeletons. After that, the would go to any tailor shop and point out a special shirt that they all wore. The shirt is the Pub Shirt which the ask the pirate if they want a rememberance of the tour. Then they set the pirate free and ask him to tell other pirates about Ghost Tours. The guild has their own scripts and does this occasionally. They hope to get sponsored by POTCO someday so maybe you could comment about it.

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