​This event is done the members who attended will be announced later.

If anyone cares enough to read the rest, I will be greatful. My not so well known guild, Ghost Tours, is coming to an end. We have been through a lot, and are glad to share our tours with the rest of the Caribbean. On Aug 31, 2012 at 4:00 PST, we will comit our finally Ghost Tour, and have a gathering. I am pretty sure none will show up, but if you do we would greatly appreicate it! There is free Red and Blue Party Hats, and we kill a Rage Ghost. We will meet at the shore of Port Royal, the one with the dock. If you can make it, please come, my guild members don't want to, but you might. I will do a common Ghost Tour, then sail to Kingshead where I will destroy the guild. The server is Guines, again, please come!

What: Ghost Tours Event

When: Friday, September 1, 4:00 PST

Where: Guines, Port Royal dock

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