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Me at level 45, wielding the "amazing" Deepwater Blade. *For explanation, read about my horrible luck.


Gotta love it. Villany Doll, from General Hex. First skull. I now have 5 famed voodoo dolls. I feel spoiled.


I'm your average buccaneer, with a few uncommon weapons and a fair amount of knowledge about the Caribbean. I carry with me the burden of bad luck-I've been looting for months for a legendary or even famed cursed blade that I'm obviously not destined for. At least I have Silver Freeze to keep me from enlisting myself in Jolly's undead army. I can usually be found looting with friends, plundering with crews, or simply messing around with whatever unfortunate enemy is in the vicinity. I play when I can, as Unlimited Access is rarely a given. But through all hardships, I'm forever a defender of the Caribbean and pirates everywhere.

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