Hey guys!!! Im making my own MMORPG game! Its going to take place in the 1600's and 1700's. There will be some weapons, As of right now the only weapons ive created are, John's quick sword, its a short mini sabre that may be legendary,( Havent thought about it yet ) And scoundrels spear, In other words its a spear. I will release game sometime in 2012( End of year) Theres many bugs to sort out. I will release a beta early 2012. You can also captian many famous ships like, The Black Pearl,300,000 G,Flying dutchman, 350 G, and the intercepter, 400 G, More ships will come out but im trying to think of more, I am working on putting the Kraken in but that wont be out right away, No date will be set untill the bugs are out of it. Im not only one working on game, Me and my friends are working on it. With ships there will be ship customization. I am asking people to give me some ideas, Please comment below and give me some ideas, Oh and one more thing you can choose your nation like, French, Pirate, Spainish, and british. Spears will be high attack like 70 to 80. Ive said to much :) UPDATE: I have added new ships to the game and there will be more islands than POTCO even MEXICO, some islands like Port Royal and tortuga will be in game though, the new ships are, Defiant Galleon, ( 56 guns ) Defiant Frigate,( 50 guns ) and Defiant Sloop,( 47 guns )[1] [2]

I will release more information soon. Me and my partners have been working on this Online MMORPG game for almost 2 years now and some islands will be, New Mexico, Golden Lake, Rocks high, Etc. Click 1 2 3 4 5 6 for screen shots of our testing a few months ago. BETA IS NOW CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, Still lots of bugs

New weapons............ Bow & Arrows, Attacks range- 35-50, Flourtine is a NEW SKILL, And a new ship added called, Vinco = Ship Of The Line, 94 GUNS, Gold= 650,000, New gold max= 10 million gold .


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