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Another fun Game of Cannon Defense

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Just beat wave 84 and got the Haunted Ram

Cannon Defense is a very simple game if you know what you are doing. When playing it is best to have four people. If you have played Cannon Defense you know that you level up your navy cannon. I have gotten all the way to level 50 with my trick. I have three Revenant Rams as shown in my picture. these are all from Cannon Defense. In my Career of Cannon
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wave 84

Defense I have gotten plenty of Rare and Famed cannon rams. Now i am going to tell you the secret to my success.When I play I save my banknotes till i get to keg shot. when i have this i wait till i have the ice shot. As you can see from my pictures the feild of water is covered in ice. This is what i call "The Ice Glitch" this is what will get you all the rams you ever want. Now when you shoot and ice shot it lasts for about thirty seconds. this however lasts forever. How do i do it? well i will tell you. When you have both keg shot and ice shot you are good to go. Shoot a keg shot into the water. without moving your cannon switch to and ice shot and shoot it right on top of the Keg shot. this will make a layer of ice that never goes away. Then all you have to do is create as much glitched ice as possible. Thats all. Have fun
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I have Three Revenant Rams, One haunted Ram, and many other famed rams all from cannon defense

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