Hunter of the Shadows

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  • I live in a cave deep within Tormenta
  • My occupation is a pirate... oh wait outside the wiki... secret
  • Hunter of the Shadows

    Hello to all our editors!

    The Hunter of Shadows is back for sometime again. During this time I will be going through all of the uncategorized photos on the wiki here. Now I will be using the ban rule again which is below here:

    Warning Block Length
    Notification* None
    1 None
    2 None
    3 1 day
    4 2 days
    5 4 days
    6 1 week
    7 2 weeks

    Notification is for new users ONLY (under 60 days new to the wiki)

    This rule will apply if you don't after uploading an image place it onto a page within 24 hours after the upload. This will start happening once I try to go through all of our 43,000 or so photos. This will probably take me sometime to do but I will try to get it done. However if an admin is going through recent uploads and finds you have not placed it onto a page a…

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  • Hunter of the Shadows

    This maintenance DID NOT add new content to the game, as new content is always released to the Test Server first.

    This Maintenance Deactivated the Bloodfire Code which unlocks the
    Heart of Padres del Fuego.
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  • Hunter of the Shadows


    • Plunder those materials, Pirates - Levels 5 and 6 ship upgrades are now available!
    • Brand new ship names have been added to the Ship Naming list, as submitted by you Pirates through the Grog Blog.


    • Jolly Roger's forces should now invade normally again - normal for the undead, that is. Invasions now begin and end properly, with more balanced waves of enemies.
    • Cave environments have been made stable once again.
    • The two unnamed coats available for male Pirates through the Tailors on Tortuga, Cuba, and Padres del Fuego are now displaying with their proper names.
    • When Pirates are caught cheating at cards, the full penalty is now clearly messaged.
    • Fixed a bug where ships get stuck due to Pirates teleporting to a ship while it is sinking or…
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  • Hunter of the Shadows

    Happy birthday to our newest Rollback John Foulroberts! Hope you have a good one tomorrow John!

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  • Hunter of the Shadows
    The Event is over. Click Here to see the Results!

    The Pirates Online Wiki's 5th Anniversary Party & Scavenger Hunt! Sunday, January 29th at 3:00 PM EST in the Royal Anchor on Cortevos.

    Jz was busy preparing the Royal Anchor on Port Royal for the Pirates Online WIki's 5th Anniversary Party, when he fell off a ladder and broke his leg. He needs your help to gather all the party supplies, or we won't be able to celebrate!

    Before starting on the tasks, head to the Royal Anchor, and wait for a Wiki Admin or Rollback to officially start the race. Jz's To-Do List is a list of hints for you to use, to try to figure out where you have to go next. (Checkpoint Event Staff at each point on the list will also give you a hint to your next location at each …

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