Many pirates have asked why the sip custom update is taking forever well your reason is bugs. Here is a list complied by players of current known bugs.

These are video's posted by testers that show the glitch and how to do it so you can report it.

Very important because it is probably same as speeding except without any program as it seems that the knots are increasing. So as portrayed by who ever this player might be, A bug on test. Light Sloop Knots bug

Speeding glitch with sword...Also very serious and dangerous to the game. POTCO Working Speed glitch

POTC Combo Interruption Skip

There a lot of bugs that were just uploaded recently. It would fill the page up so here is the link to her YouTube home page. Check videos/details on her page.

Issues with quest tracking and having it pointing the wrong area and the giant quest symbols on your compass.

This is for all people who want this update to hurry up but love SVS

1. When ships sink crew mates get lost in the no mans land and only can get out by teleporting back to someone who didn't.

2. On War Sloops there is a strange pattern on the edges on mast that is in black and white.

3. When letting go of a cannon or wheel as you sink you can see the ship sink into the water like your still on it and not the birds eye view.

4. Grab the wheel of a ship as you sink you get a black screen with your chest and health nothing else until the ship reloads.

5. When someone on your ships attacks a ship and then leaves the ship the bounty fallows them and ends up disappearing and decreases to what people on the ship the got bounty earned, so if say your ship had 4000 and someone on the other ship was shooting at you and then teleported to you and then the ship sunk the bounty would decrease to say 3000 based on what they got.

6. Sometimes enemy ships after sunk are invisible if no one grabs the wheel right away.

7. Sometimes damage is reduced to 1 to 4 points per hit, aka baby damage and will stay so until you change cannons or shoot into the water.

8. Ramming speed's graphic/effect keeps going after you ram someone.

Some bugs may be fixed but currently most are not.

New Noticed Bugs:

  1. Isla Cangerjos does not have an island on the world map and only letters appear where it's at.
  2. When boarding a ship and with you hold the wheel ( might also happen for repair and cannon ) and the captain hits board then you get a white screen you land on the deck of the other ship.

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