This is a blog page for any mates that wish to attend any ETC events. I'll update this blog reguraly with new events that all are welcome to attend.

Fight Night!

Who: Anyone!

Where: Cuba on the Levica Server

When: December 9th from 9pm to 10pm EST, (8 CST & 6 PST)

Why:Mates are encouraged to fight throughout the day, but can expect more mates to group around 9 pm eastern time. Fighting will be either mostly team or mayhem battles with a set weapon(s) to use.

Poker Night!

Who: Anyone!

Where: Padres, Ratskellar on Exuma server

When: December 14th from 8pm to 9pm EST, (7pm CST & 5pm PST)

Why: Members of the guild and fellow players meet at Ratskellar to play poker and blackjack with fellow pirates and have a few rounds of drinks. What better way to lighten your pockets or fill them!

Pop Raid!

Who: Anyone!

Where: Exuma server on Padres

When: December 28, from 4pm to 5pm EST, (3pm CST & 1pm PST)

Why: To raid as many areas as possible and show those Navy, EITC and Skeletons the true power of pirates!

On Last toast!

Who: Anyone!

Where: Ratskeller on Cortolla server

When: December 30th at 10pm to 11pm EST, (9pm CST & 7pm PST)

Why: With the New Year almost upon us, join the ETC in our final Poker Night of the year and give a toast to a great 2011 and to your guildmates and fellow pirates.

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