This is a blog page for any mates that wish to attend any ETC events. I'll update this blog reguraly with new events that all are welcome to attend.


Dread's Poetry

When: Every monday night at 10:30 EST

Where: Barbossa's Grotto, on Monada

What: Story time and a time to mate your fellow pirates

This Month is Plunder Month!

ETC is plundering the high seas this month and raiding those dark and creepy caverns. Wish to join us? Find and plunder some gold and prepare yourself for ship customization update coming soon! Officer's of the guild will hold mini raids and plunder runs. Our main events are below if you want to meet up with us. We would be glad to have you join you plundering!

Blockade! (Abassa)

When: Sunday, Novrmbrt 20th from 9:30pm to 10:30pm

Where: Port Royal Harbor

What: Cruise the Caribbean with our fleet to destroy all in our path!

Coming Soon...

More events are currently in the work so keep checking back for new ones! Events coming soon are a story raid, some role playing raids and much more!

Connect up

Elite Thievery Co is now on Facebook! Click HERE to join the ETC facebook group!

This new Group will allow you to connect more easily with other Pirates Online players.

In future, the page will connect to our event calendars. Be sure to check it out!

Also check out our guild website! Click here to join up with our guild events and family!

Wishing to join the ETC post a comment below and I'll find you or send someone to guild ya!

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