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The Pirates Online Wiki's 5th Anniversary Party & Scavenger Hunt! Sunday, January 29th at 3:00 PM EST in the Royal Anchor on Cortevos.


Jz was busy preparing the Royal Anchor on Port Royal for the Pirates Online WIki's 5th Anniversary Party, when he fell off a ladder and broke his leg. He needs your help to gather all the party supplies, or we won't be able to celebrate!

Jz's To-Do List

Before starting on the tasks, head to the Royal Anchor, and wait for a Wiki Admin or Rollback to officially start the race. Jz's To-Do List is a list of hints for you to use, to try to figure out where you have to go next. (Checkpoint Event Staff at each point on the list will also give you a hint to your next location at each spot, if you whisper to them the whisper code that Jz gives you at the tavern)

  1. Get a Fish to Cook (Checkpoint Staff: Ella Storm)
  2. Get wood for the Mural that will be painted (Checkpoint Staff: Johnny Sea Slasher)
  3. Retrieve Some Rum. (Checkpoint Staff: Briggs)
  4. Buy Party Outfits. (Checkpoint Staff: Obsidion)
  5. Get Crab Meat from the Crab Isle. (Checkpoint Staff: Nicky Malley)
  6. Get back to the Tavern, set up, and Party! (Checkpoint Staff: Joshua Coalskull)

Note: Depending on the ammount of players who show up to race we may race different groups. The starting admin Jz will start different groups. Each group will have a different phrase to use so we can have multiple winners and have more races so its not mass chaos. Groups will be of 6 to 10 pirates at a time. Make sure if you come that you know what code word you have so the moderators of the race may keep track of whos in the lead of each group. You must find each moderator at each check point and use your phrase and the emote jig to move on and be counted being there and completing the task.


We will be partying at 4PM EST in the Royal Anchor, so if you cannot make it to the Scavenger Hunt, join us for a party there!


We have a new Wiki Event Badge Wall that you can use to show the Wiki Events you have attended and won! Click here to see how to install it to your user page!

The two newest badges we have are these:

Anniversarywinner Anniversaryparty {{{{{3}}}}} {{{{{4}}}}} {{{{{5}}}}} {{{{{6}}}}}

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