• Plunder those materials, Pirates - Levels 5 and 6 ship upgrades are now available!
  • Brand new ship names have been added to the Ship Naming list, as submitted by you Pirates through the Grog Blog.


  • Jolly Roger's forces should now invade normally again - normal for the undead, that is. Invasions now begin and end properly, with more balanced waves of enemies.
  • Cave environments have been made stable once again.
  • The two unnamed coats available for male Pirates through the Tailors on Tortuga, Cuba, and Padres del Fuego are now displaying with their proper names.
  • When Pirates are caught cheating at cards, the full penalty is now clearly messaged.
  • Fixed a bug where ships get stuck due to Pirates teleporting to a ship while it is sinking or docking at port.
  • Fixed a bug where teleporting to another Pirate in King's Run on Port Royal caused environment issues after leaving that area.
  • Fixed a server crash that occurred due to ships' positions at sea while sailing.
  • Fixed a crash during the Cannon Defense Mini-Game.
  • Fixed various crashes during PVP, while battling enemy ships, and during the Black Pearl Quest.
  • Fixed various AI crashes.

Known Issue:

  • Skeletons may sometimes fall through the terrain during Invasions.

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