Here is the current test release notes posted a few hours ago. I made some comments which are in bold.

  • Updates:
    • Fixed several bugs that were causing game crashes and disconnects
    • Fixed a bug that caused disconnects when playing Ship PvP (Ship vs Ship)
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when displaying a non-customized ship at the dinghys
    • NPCs Gordon Greer, Andrew Bowdash and Morris have returned. (Now you can continue your quest Dent :P)
    • Added new sail emblems to ship customization (Tons!)
    • Added small rotation to the ship view when previewing upgrades
    • Added display of cargo bonuses on ship snapshots
    • Adjusted ship camera so it slightly swings into turns when not using mouse-look
    • Ship crew members now get loot credit for each other's defeated enemies (All looting is fixed now)
  • Known Issues:
    • Pirates can get stuck when teleporting to a docking ship
    • NPC ships make sliding motion across the water (Yet to be fixed)

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