The idea of the game is this:

- Ye must steal all 50 bottles of Caribbean's finest rum from rumholder's cabin before a Admin or Rollback takes them back (and makes ye eat 3 weeks old pork... Nasty stuff, I tell ya!)

BUT! Being pirates, the Admins and Rollbacks can also join ye and try stealing the rum... But I am not sure if they have the courage to do that.

- A pirate (meaning a member of the wiki) is only allowed to take a single bottle at a time, for we ain't greedy, eh? (Means ye can only take another bottle if someone else has stolen a bottle before ye...)

- The person who owns the rum that is currently being stolen can take it back. However said pirate cannot steal his rum.

-To start the game a user needs to simply type a reply and say #1! Then next user will say #2 and so on until all 50 bottles are gone. Unless a Admin or Rollback catch ye and put ye back at #1!

Next bottle that will be taken will be #1 of my rum.

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