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Hello to all our editors!

The Hunter of Shadows is back for sometime again. During this time I will be going through all of the uncategorized photos on the wiki here. Now I will be using the ban rule again which is below here:

Warning Block Length
Notification* None
1 None
2 None
3 1 day
4 2 days
5 4 days
6 1 week
7 2 weeks

*Notification is for new users ONLY (under 60 days new to the wiki)

This rule will apply if you don't after uploading an image place it onto a page within 24 hours after the upload. This will start happening once I try to go through all of our 43,000 or so photos. This will probably take me sometime to do but I will try to get it done. However if an admin is going through recent uploads and finds you have not placed it onto a page after 24 hours you will receive a warning or ban from us (depending on the number of times you have done this). All editors will receive a fresh start from the last time I did this.

If you tend to disagree with this then we would like to remind all users that this is actually part of our policy now since April 7th, 2012. The current Policy can be seen on the Policy page.

The uncategorized photo part read like this: "We ask now that users only upload photos that they plan to use upon their user page or on an actual page. This has become an issue due to our growing database. If the photo is not used upon a page within 24 hours after you upload it will then be deleted and then you will be given a warning about it."

Thank you for reading this and you ahve now been warned about this and must comply with it or face the ban times.

Also if you remove an image from your page and you no longer wish to keep it please contact an admin and give them the link to delete it, so after the caegorizing is done we don't have pictures sitting there unused forever.

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