This is a little blog I'd tought I'd make that helps players find out when they started their account with pirates.

Click here to start at step 3

1. Go to the Pirates Online page
2. Click Account Services on the side bar
Step 2 to finding your account age
3. Click forgot Account ID?
Step 3 to finding your account age
4. Type in your email address your account is linked with
Step 4 to finding your account age
5. Wait a few hours or a couple days and you will recieve an email
Step 5 to find you account age
6. A link will then appear and will list a URL, click on this
7. The Link will bring you to a page where it will state when your account was created with Pirates Online.
Note: This Link does not last forever!
Post when you find your account was created for mine was November 10th of 2007. After I did these few steps I found that date and that I am a founder at heart, but I had no clue of the founder program when I started so I failed to get the membership in time.

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