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this is 1 week of work the tide is rising

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How it came to be

Well, it all started when I came back from taking a 2 month break and wanted to play again. I realized my guild was submitted Rise Of The Tide. I wasn't ready to start the guild yet so I gave it to my alt pirate. I joined Dark Archive. I met my friend Charles War Monk. When we talked for a bit and he joined Rise Of The Tide on his alt I met my to new best friends Captain Skelton and O'Legend. When Charles and O'Legend left because the guild stopped growing and Skelton quit I was about to give up. Then when Skeleton came on one day and my other great friend James O'Malley the Tide started to rise again. I met this lvl 35 named Sage FireBain at south idol one day and she joined Tide. She was the first outsider that I did not know to join and become officer. When the Tide was rising fast O'Legend joined back and from thereforth the tide has been growing like crazy getting a incredible 200 members in 2 weeks. Rise Of The Tide has been coming on the leaderboards in every category daily now and we are ALWAYS active having 30-40+ members on in the evening everyday. Rise Of The Tide is a amazing guild and we always welcome new members with open arms and make new friends everyday.  

Where to find us

Rise Of The Tide is very active so we are very wide spread but when we guild we are usually on Abassa or any ideal server at Tortuga, padres, Cuba, Port Royal and Raven's Cove. At Tortuga were on the beach or the dock guilding and at padres were on the dock, beach or at dark hart, Port Royal we are at the dock or fort Charles, at Cuba were at the dock and land area and at Ravens Cove were at the land area or dock guilding people to. Rise Of The Tide is a overachieving high lvl active guild and we help all our members, make new friends and have a FANTASTIC time in the Caribbean. Please join us if you want to have a great time.

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