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Pirates from all over the carribean, Jolly is after Padres Del Fuego and Jolly Roger is seeking something and getting closer, and deeper into lava gorge and the catacombs!!!! We must win as much invasions as possible to STOP Jolly and his undead army from taking over padres no matter WHAT it takes. If Jolly gets what he wants PADRES DEL FUEGO COULD END UP LIKE RAVENS COVE! If it ends up  like Ravens cove thats one more main island in the carribean Jolly has control over. The only question is what does he want Padres for? I hear that he is seeking for the power INSIDE the volcano! Imagine all of that power he would have if he actually got into the core of Padres and got control of the volcano! So pirates of the carribean gather ALL of your friends, guild mates and EVERYONE you know so we can KEEP padres wild and free and not mindless undead slaves of Jolly Rogers so do it FOR THE CARRIBEAN AND PIRATES!!!!

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