Screenshot 2013-05-12 16-56-00  Hi I am about to tell you how Rise Of The Tide has come to be as it is now.

How it all began

It all started in 2011 when I was in my guild Ultimate Sorcerer. I knew Sorcerer would not last forever so me and my friends thought of a future guild name that we would make. We decided Rise Of The Tide so I made it on my alt account and eventually when I came back to potco in 2012 but started to make Rise Of The Tide in 2013 I knew it would not be easy so I joined Dark Archive. I made some new friends since none of my old friends played anymore. So I might Charles War Monk. Charles decided to help get me started on Rise Of The Tide by helping me guild and at about 32 members my old friends Davy, and Grace came on and my 2 new amazing friends Captain Skeleton and O'Legend started helping me Rise the Tide. After a few tough times O'Legend left the guild and came back. So now ever since then we have been rising the tide, meeting alot of new friends and a few more officers and one big happy guild.

Where you can find Rise Of The Tide         

You would usually find me the gm of Rise Of The Tide at abassa at any of the main islands. Me and my friends usually loot sail and have fun at abassa on mat runs and loot at ravens cove or tormenta. I am the gm Davy DarkMorgan or on my alt Paul and me and my officers always love new members. I would love for you all to comment on what you would like to know in the future and me and my amazing officers would love for all of you pirates lvl 20 and up basic or any level unlimited access to join!!! We currently have 337 members join today while you still can!!!

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