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Whether it's to the end of the week, or sooner, Test Server is offering up 5 different peddler sets as of November 1st.

This is the first time China Seas Warrior has appeared on the Test Server. So if you're interested in that outfit, be sure to log on and grab it.

Update 11/1: Capt. Black, Admiral, and Garb of the Undead have been removed. The Diplomat has been added.

12/1: China Seas Warrior, Spanish Conquistador, French Fencer, and Raven's Cove Mercenary have been removed.  Barony and Winter Festival have been added.

Here's what is current offered on the Test Server as of 12/1

TheeDiplomat Barony Winter Festival
The Diplomat Barony Winter Festival

Applied for Test Access? You may have it and not know it! Click here for more info.

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