I was on a public ship this evening and received a warning from a pirate that was on board. I don't know much about it myself, but thought I'd tell you all just to put the word out.

Apparently, there's a group of pirates going around in some sort of PvP glitch where they leave the PvP areas and are able to fight anywhere. The thing is, apparently they can attack anyone, inside or outside of the glitch, and are boarding public ships. When there, they attack the people on board, ko'ing them. Once they remove the people from the ship, they take the ship, port it, and steal the cargo.

The guy who told me about this said it's happened to him multiple times already, and 4 hours of plundering was wasted. While there, another person on board told us that it happened to a friend of his. I don't know exactly how they're doing this, and I've yet to see them myself.

The one who told me did say that these players were reported numerous times so far. He also managed to screen 1 of the people who were taking part in this.

So everyone, good luck, and be safe in your plundering!

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