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    Hey, guys!

    I haven't been on the wiki for a while, and I have been browsing the web playing other MMO's so yeah, I'm happy to be back. Anyway I wanted to introduce to you guys a "cloning" glitch found in the game, by youtuber, PotcoGlitch.

    • First of all, you will have to go to a Spanish or French Island.
    • Then go to someone that will let you change clothing, rings and other things.
    • Next, press shift at the NPC, you will see something that says, "PVP Tattoos", "PVP Coats", and "PVP Hats".
    • Spam the 'F9' button (screenshot) and spam on a random 'PVP' button saying, Tattoo, Coat, or Hat.
    • Your screen will freeze for about 30 seconds, then after it un-freezes. Exit the store menu, and there you go! You have your clone!

    If you would like to see the video …

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  • JackDeadhunter

    Over the past few weeks I have been going on a plundering streak. And sometimes my ship was hijacked by hijackers. The dude boarded our ship, attacked everyone and sent them to jail. He took over the ship and stole ALL of our plunder. I saw him at port, and asked him how much he got, he ended up stealing over 10,000 gold pieces. He will pay!!!

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  • JackDeadhunter

    Hi there, I'm here again to tell you about my idea. I think it would be a very useful idea if most of you have an Xbox 360. My idea was to have POTCO as a game you can buy for the Xbox 360. So basically, most of you know that the Xbox uses internet to play with other people on the same game format, right? Well since it can basically be multiplayer, the POTCO team should make a game the same as Pirates Online (which is online) and put it on the Xbox (not online). If you have any questions or comments, tell me what you fellow sailors and swashbucklers think.

    Strongly, Your friend, Jack Dh

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    Hi there, I'm here to tell you about the awesome event that I think deserves the spotlight. Unfortunately it's a video that from YouTube so your going to have to follow the link. It's about a gathering with hundreds of pirates, hundreds of ships, and the fight for rum and freedom. This event is led by one pirate, Captain Delmaria Darkskull.

    Here is the link:

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    My Emblem

    May 15, 2012 by JackDeadhunter
    Hello again mates,

    OK ye know how many people have entered the "Strike Yer Colors Contest" ? Well I wanted to enter but I was too late to do so. Anyway, I sent the POTCO group a suggestion for my emblem and I'll be submitting it to them soon.

    Anyway, here's my emblem. i figured that I'd show it to you. It's called "Death of the Seas"

    Here it is:

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