Be the Bartender

Have ye ever dreamed about serving young, no-good-do-ers a glass of good 'ole rum? Hehe, like old Carver. Well sorry mates. Yer outta luck, but... Not totally. Ok I've only used this glitch in one bar, The Faithful Bride, so i don't know if it'll work in another bar.

  1. First walk up to the Faithful Bride on Tortuga.
  2. Face the right corner ( > ) and take out your cutlass.(Normally it works with any weapon but the cutlass is best)
  3. Then when you are faced with your cutlass, keep running straight into the right corner.
  4. If it doesn't work you might need to go out and then back into the bar.
  5. Once your in the bartenders'...thingie. Put your cutlass back in your belt and your ready to serve the rum!!!
  1. To get out ye need to get out your cutlass and run to the right corner like ye did to get in.

Thanks mates and stay tuned. Theres more to come!!!!

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