Hello fellow pirates. If ye are a lonely soul with nowhere to go. Poor, poor pirate with nothing but some pants,shirt boots and a belt. with a light sloop. Here is the solution to your problem.

Redeem Codes

  • Bounty

Here's a redeem code that I got from easdropping on other pirates. What a life. If you want alot of money (2000) enter "bounty" as a redeem code.

  • Loot

Here is another redeem code that is a sequel to the bounty. this only gives 1000 money. Enter the word "loot" in the redeem code box.

  • Sword of Triton

If you want to sail the 7 Seas with a savvy new cutlass enter the redeem code "sword" in the redeem box.

Note: All redeem codes are usable to ALL PLAYERS( BASIC ACCESS OR UNLIMITED) however the prize might not. Meaning that if you are a member the sword of triton will be accessible to you. If your not a member you wont be able to.

Thank you fellow scoundrels. Check in for more later on!

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