Screenshot 2011-12-06 17-33-03

QAR isn't there...

Around the beginning of december, The queen's anne revenge came out again. I quickly sunk it with some friends and guildmembers for I needed the mutineer's charm (sadly, it is the best charm I have). After a few hours my friend came on, seeing that qar was back, he wanted to do it with me. I teleported to him and qar seemed to never spawn (another ship sunk it). After waiting about half an hour we teleported to another server. Finding qar still there we went to it and found it not to be there but the skull and crossbones still there (as seen in the picture). After a short while an announcement came out that said it got sunk but no ship hit it. I believe that the POTCO crew accidently put it out like SOTL and didnt mean to or a bug stopped the qar for a short time and was fixed.

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