• Jack Goldeagle

    Hello, Im Jack Goldeagle , an event planner over at Pirates Forums. I am very excited about the Forums and the Wiki's partnership. Every Summer and Winter at the Forums we have an Event night, witch is a night filled with events, friends, and fun! I am sorry to give you guys such short notice, but event night is on Aug. 26.This years event night will be better than ever!

    Teams: Red Teams: Blue

    Winners will win gold prizes gives via Tortuga Hold Em'

    Events (Events may change, more events will be updated soon)

    1.Meet and Greet/ Hide and Seek in Ravens Cove ( Map to be posted soon)

    2. PVP - More to come soon.

    3. SVS - Team vs Team

    4. Swimming ( Relay Race ) (Map to be posted soon)

    5. Cards

    6. Bar Fight

    7. Looting Session

    8. Running Race ( Island soon to co…

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