My name is Jack Pistol and I have followed this wiki for a while and started editing not too long ago and I have now decided be a little more active. I am from the Players Wiki but regurarly check here for game info and news. I have decided to come here mainly to try and become more acquianted with the users here and because I want the "feud" between the sister wikis to end.

I am from a fanon wiki so my editing style may be a bit different so if I am not doing something correctly or break a rule, please set me straight :P

I am very good at coding and can make signatures, userboxes and several other templates. So if you need any help with coding let me know on my talk. I also know a fair amount of MediaWiki such as css.

I am often inactive during Mondays - Fridays due to schooling but this comign week will be my last week of inactivuty for the rest of 2011.

Jack Pistol Rollback on Players Wiki

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