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  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on July 10
  • My occupation is Living
  • I am masculine
  • JackyWolf

    Jack Wolfspain has created a new wikia! How bout that. i know, not impresive, everyone else has... But, if u wanna check it out, even if you hate me... plz just go to google, type in: Jack Wolfspain's Pirate Legion Wiki, and click on any link that has .wikia at the end! Comment if you like it, u hate it, or if you just randomly comment! Thx


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  • JackyWolf

    The Mortifer Blade

    August 27, 2011 by JackyWolf

    Ok, this is Captain Jack Wolfspain. Here is my SICK new idea for a SICK cursed, legendary, sword.

    • Attack 105
    • Skill: Cursed Thunder +3
    • Skill: Venom Strike +4
    • Skill: Critical Strike + 2
    • Voodoo Damage +2

    Hope you like my idea! Plz comment!

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  • JackyWolf

    :( School:(

    August 22, 2011 by JackyWolf

    Today is the first day of school, and im NOT happy. My school is like a labyrnith. it all looks the same. And they say CAFETORIUM!!!!!! I REALLY dont wanna go back to school. Plz have sympathy. Captain Jack Wolfspain

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  • JackyWolf

    JackyWolf here, i just wanted to know something. Most of u have read the blog about the BIG update. So, im here to give suggestons, for what the update may be, here they are.

    1. Ship of The Line
    2. Ship Customization
    3. Kraken (Unlikley, but possible)
    4. New clothes, such as Sashes UNDER belts, and those big belts that go over the shoulder.
    5. Flags for our ships

    I think this thing better be repairible, like really, just think how much this sucker would cost to be repaied if sunk!! (The ship of the line)

    If u were to customize your ship, what would it look like?

    Mine would be a Black SOTL with maroon sails that have black skulls on them, firebrand broadsides, triple cannons in front in back, and the back of the ship be like the back of The Queen Anne's Revenge.…

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  • JackyWolf

    Hey, Capt Jack Wolfspain speaking, i REALLY want the Blightfang Edge, witch i think is the BEST sword in the game, so does anyone know where to find this AWSOME sword? OMG PLZ COMMENT, I REALLY WANNA KNOW!!

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