James 2000

  • I live in Michigan, USA
  • I was born on October 3
  • My occupation is Student, Pirate, Gamer
  • I am Male
  • James 2000


    April 14, 2012 by James 2000

    If you could help make templates please go to this link: If you make 5 templates you get admin

    (if i figure out how, lol)


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  • James 2000

    Bring back old POTCO

    March 31, 2012 by James 2000

    I loved old potco. I think that the potco developers could come up with some kind of way to have the new and old game. Like special servers for old and some for new. Say AYE if you agree.

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  • James 2000

    Plz tell me how to get into them...

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  • James 2000


    February 3, 2012 by James 2000

    Is it bad that i've never gotten past wave 34 in cannon defense? If so, please post a comment telling me who to ask for help, other than Leon Dreadpratt because he doesnt really get me any further than i normally do...

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  • James 2000

    I'm Back!

    December 29, 2011 by James 2000

    Hey everyone, now that i'm back I will try to edit more. I've been busy with Christmas and other stuff, and I will start to play the game more. I want to get my level 34 to level 50 by the end of next year.

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