if you go to port royal and to the peddler their you will see to your left a little shack. over near the wall their are boxes and barrels. you jump on those boxes and barrles to get in the little shack. next, to the wall behind you their is two pieces of hay. you need to jump between those two peices of hay. you have to keep on running and then you will come to the back of the gun shop and the blacksmith shop if you look to your left you can see two walls coming together. if you walk between those walls you are in this opening and if you look to your right you will see a hole and stairs. you can go in the hole or you can go up the stairs and you can be on a balcony and other people can see you they just wont really be looking at you because you are high up but if you come down the stairs and back out to behind the shops you can find where the shops and the walll collides. in the same place just a little i front you can walk out their ans you are on a stone ledge and no one can see you thier. you can just jump down from thier. please wright back

James Blastwrecker 06:13, April 11, 2011 (UTC)

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