Arg, pirates this is your new captain to this site. I want to tell you about becoming legendary with your pirate. First of all to become legendary you must master at least 12 skills ( I'm not a fan of the staff or voodoo doll). Then you must start a guild or join one, then try to get members in your guild. On the other side if you join a guild try to make your way up to the high ranks and eventually you may become the guild master.

 After you have made a guild or joined a guild you can then complete the black pearl quest. THIS IS IMPOTANT because if you don't beat the quest then you can't get the last sailing skill. After that step get a legendary sword or just a powerful sword. Then go aroung Port Royal, Tortuga, Pardes Del Fuego and etc. swing that sword or killing enemies easliy and people will notice you. (This step you must follow or else) Remember Pocto is a game of fun and not being mean to people. You must be fun and nice or else people think your a jerk.
  The last steps are very simple. Always save up for ships the matter ALOT in the game so don't go spending all your money and becoming broke. Lastly if you want your pirate to be famous make him look nice not putting tons of jems and rings in his face. Try the peddler or your own idea, many things to try and see so get there to the sea and get LEGENDARY!!!! Remember all these steps you can do in any order you want.
          James Radfish

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