Whether you are on land, or at sea, the number one issue that many pirates face is survival. So here are just a few tips on how to do so.

1. restock tonics often, use them when your vitality gets to critical levels. enough to where it rapidly flashes red.

2. When you do not want to use tonics use the Lively Bucko brew potions to revitalize yourself continouosly even in battle.

3. when you do ship repair, isolate yourself, and repair the ship to full, including hull strengths. You'll know when because the game will stop you. And repairing the hull strength will increase protection, with a broken hull, shots do twice the damage.

4. uh-oh, look here, just a small dent in the hull, what to do? repair it, repair the ship after every ship you sink to and no matter how little damage you received, it will go quicker then issuing a full ship repair order then, than whent the ship hull bar is yellow, or worse red.

Leave your thoughts below please if you have anything to say, and keep it relavent, or I will remove it.

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