• Jason Pillagebowers

    The weapons you chose can be any kind. If you ask me, I would rather have 10 famed because I can have a strong weapon from each kind of weapon

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  • Jason Pillagebowers

    wow i was like in most of the pictures

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  • Jason Pillagebowers

    My famed

    March 20, 2011 by Jason Pillagebowers

    I have found 30 famed weapons so far, and 1 legendary.

    Famed Cursed Blades: Nautilus Blade, Bitter End, Sharkfang Blade, Tyrant Blade, and Blightfang Edge.

    Famed Blades (not cursed): Bloodfire Cutlass, Bloodfire Sabre, Bloodfire Broadsword, Bejeweled Sabre, and Cutlass of the Inquisition.

    Famed Knives: Viper's Den Knives, Demon Fang Knives, Bayou Throwing Knives, Bayou Throwing knives, Amazon Throwing Knives, Amazon Throwing Knives, Amazon Throwing Knives, Scoundrel's Knives, Knives of the Golden Idol, Knives of the Golden Idol, Knives of the Golden Idol, Knives of the Golden Idol, and Knives of the Hawk Idol.

    Famed Bayonets: Corsair's Bayonet.

    Famed Blunderbusses: Grand Blunderbuss, and Buccaneer's Blunderbuss

    Famed Dolls: Villainy Doll, Spell …

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