Hi, my name is Gracie its nice to meet you this is my page on the POTCO wiki, now i think most of you has met me on the game if not (ill be on the sever Cortola). now POTCO is a really good game to play so im going to tell you a little bit about the game, now you can get alsorts of cloths of weapons but you need to be on a sertent level so lets say like if you are lvl 5 on sword and you get a lvl 10 sword you will need to lvl up to lvl 10 on your sword lol any way, this game is so good that when you start playing it you are on it all the time like it just like your in the movie when you are playing it.

LOOTING this is a good way to get good loot when you have did (ravens cove quest unlocks at lvl 30) go in to el patrons mines or tormnta's caves then you can get all sorts of curse or famed, when i did ravens cove quest i got 6 famed after.

LEVELING when you are leveling up you should master your things one by one so say like start with sword get sword to lvl 29 and then get gun then master sword then master gun its simple lol.

CLOTHING now you can only get brights of dark black in loot.

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